How to close the deal (for small business owners)

As entrepreneurs and consultants, many of us often get caught into the trap of giving free advice and never closing the sale.  You want to be a resource for your potential client but you also need to prove that you are.  Where do you draw the line?

Here’s how to close that deal without giving away the farm.

1. Be a resource.

There’s nothing wrong with educating people about your industry and your work.  You have to build credibility and kicking down some knowledge is a great way to do that.

2. Prove it.

Demonstrate how you helped an existing or previous client.  Don’t just show the results but highlight the fact that you solved a problem and helped to provide a solution.

3. Connect on a deeper level.

Business is all about relationships.  Relationships are built on trust and commonality.  Find something you can connect with the prospective client on.  There’s a saying, “In order to go wide, you must go deep.”  #Truth

4. Submit your proposal.

Explain that you’d love to continue working and that in order for them to realize the greatest benefit they need to hire you.  It may sound abrupt but if they’re interested and value your services they’ll commit.  If they’re on the fence – you’ve just secured a new blog subscriber!  Remember, the client pays for the action plan.  Not the potential.

5. Blog!

If used correctly a blog is a long tailed sales funnel.  We’ll write more about that in the coming weeks in our marketing blog.  For now, review item #1.

Today’s Challenge:

Compile a list of people you’ve consulted with but haven’t yet closed the sale.  Determine if you’ve properly executed each action item from above.  Do you see a trend or is each case unique?  We love your feedback!  Please share your experiences with us on our Facebook page!

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