Social Media – 5 Things Every Business Needs to Stop Doing!

Social media marketing is all the rage these days. As small business owners you’re likely inundated with sales calls and spam from social media marketers. We even get spam within our social media from hungry social media marketers.

To help you weed through the madness of vendors and endless sales pitches, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you and your organization need to stop doing today.

1.  Paying for Facebook Likes

With Facebook putting the squeeze on business pages, research indicates that businesses are only reaching 6% of their subscriber base. Given this monumental stat it makes no sense to pay for more fans which you then have to pay Facebook to reach via their new ‘promote your post’ campaign. Stop. Paying. For. Likes.

2.  Creating posts without a photo(s) or graphic attached

Facebook posts with a single image attached get up to 120% higher engagement while posts with entire galleries have a 190% higher engagement rate than posts without images. There’s a reason Facebook bought Instagram. Stop. Posting. Sans. Photos.

3.  Ripping photos from Google Images

We see this all the time.  Folks, it’s ILLEGAL to use images/art without the explicit consent of the artist/creator.  Just because it’s on Google images does not mean the images are free for the taking.  Furthermore, providing a credit to the source is not a solution or workaround.  You need permission.  You can be sued for BIG BUCKS.  Don’t believe us?  Check out one bloggers recent experience with copyright infringement.  She lost big.  Don’t let this happen to you. Stop. Stealing. Content.

4.  Posting proprietary content to social media platforms

You pay good money or spend many hours creating content. Keep it on your website. SHARE it on social media. Read our previous blogpost on this. Stop. Posting. Proprietary. Content.

5.  Using your personal profile as your business profile (Facebook specific)

We see this often.  Clients who lack understanding of how social media works often use their personal profile as a business profile. Or they created a business profile prior to Facebook releasing business pages and don’t want to ask people to switch over to a new page. Not having a unique business page has several shortfalls including:

1. No analytics – Business pages have them.  Personal pages do not.

2. Friend/Subscriber capacity – Facebook puts a limit on the number of friends an individual may have.  This is not true for business pages.  You can have as many fans as you can get.

3. No separation of personal and business life – Ever have a friend tag a photo of you while you were out at the bar?  Maybe you were tipsy, maybe you blinked.  Either way you look smashed and just lost a client or opportunity because of it.  Separate.

Today’s Challenge:

Review our list of 5 Things Every Business Needs to Stop Doing on Social Media and determine if your business is engaging in any of these practices.  If your business is engaging in one or more of the aforementioned ‘no-no’s’, STOP immediately.  Lastly, tell that vendor who’s pushing the necessity to increase your Facebook Likes down your throat to call your competitor.

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