Social Media – Facebook Like Ladders

Trying to get more Facebook ‘likes’ on your business page?

Stay away from Like Ladders.

Like ladders are a type of scheme whereby you’re encouraged to like X number of  businesses and in return X number of individuals will like your business on Facebook.  The ultimate goal being to get as many new fans in as short of time as possible.

More Facebook fans!  Sounds awesome right?


Like ladders can actually hurt your presence on the social media platform.  The ultimate goal is to get your fans to interact with your page frequently.  Getting 1,000 fans in 2 days is great IF they’re loyal to your brand.  That is, you don’t want 1,000 fans if only 10% are actively engaging with your page.

If you had 100 fans and all 100 were actively and regularly engaging with your business page you’d have a 100% engagement rate vs a 10% engagement rate.

Why does this matter?

Ultimately you want your fan base to engage with your business online.  By doing so, friends of your fans see the interaction thus creating more visibility for your brand more frequently.

Quality vs. Quantity.

More is better but your Facebook fan acquisition should be organic and not forced.

How do I attract Facebook fans organically?


Content is king and it’s what consumers want these days.  IF your business has a solid content strategy you will see your social media presence organically grow over time.  This will ensure that your fan base is loyal and engaged unlike results achieved by Like Ladders.

Today’s Challenge:

Identify how many fans you currently have on your business page.  Identify your engagement rate.  Then share your results with us on our Facebook page and we’ll make a personalized recommendation as to how you can increase the number of fans you have on your page!

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