Shoestring is awesome!  I just had them redesign my company website and they did an amazing job. They were fast and communicative and delivered a high quality website.  I use Shoestring for my web design, photography, and content distribution.  I’m a general contractor and I don’t have time to take pictures of jobs that I’ve completed and then post them to my website and social media sites.  Shoestring is a one stop shop for all of your digital media needs.

SDMI – THE BEST!! We all know that in the world of small business, the most valuable thing to us is our time. Time to think of new ideas, time to speak with clients/customers, time to go out into our industry and make money! My time was so caught up with marketing. It took me 3 months, staying up until 2:00am to design my own website. When it was finished, it was not fancy and it was not highly functional. When the time came to design my logo, I had the same issue. I knew I couldn’t waste any more of my precious time. Shoestring Digital Media, Inc. had just launched and even though John was slammed with work himself, he made time for my company. We started working together and he gave me tips on marketing, social media, web design, and everything to get my business off the ground! Shoestring Digital Media, Inc. designed my logo . People rave about how my business just flew up out of the sky, having everything done so quick. What they didn’t notice was that SDMI was working hard behind the scenes for me. I am so grateful and would recommend SDMI to anyone and everyone in business. I get more customers from yelp, facebook,  and google! Now, I am having my website re – built and I can’t wait to see the end result!

As Marketing Manager for a local business, I knew I didn’t possess all the tools needed to market our company in today’s climate. Print advertising is a thing of the past. In taking stock of where we were in the digital realm, I knew we needed a new website, new photos, and new content to keep our site new and current. We also needed to unify our branding across social media platforms. In meeting with Shoestring Digital Media, my concerns were put at ease. We talked, came up with some great marketing ideas, and developed a plan together to take our marketing to a new level. The plan included branding our social media avenues (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), new photos to use on our website, new wordpress website with a blog, and we made a schedule to start producing videos to use on our website and youtube. It’s refreshing to have one point of contact to take care of all the heavy-lifting tasks, which I can’t, nor don’t want to, tackle myself. Not only does Shoestring put out great work, their prices are great and turn around time is quick too. Give Shoestring a call, they’ll help take you to the next level.

As a tiny nonprofit with a small staff not very tech savvy, we truly didn’t know what all we needed until Shoestring Digital Media came to help us.  Not only did they streamline the process, they made it seamless- now our page is better than ever.  The knowledge, efficiency and creative talent make Shoestring Digital Media a true gift to small businesses.