The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

So you’ve been capturing people’s email addresses for a little while now, through both online and offline means. You have a nice list going and you decide to try and engage those who have entrusted you with a direct line to their inbox. Building a loyal email marketing following is instrumental in growing your online brand and staying connected to your existing and potential customers.

In order to be successful, do not commit one of these 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing:

  1. Lust – Don’t go for the quick and easy. Email marketing is a long play activity. You may lust after the quick sell and the quick results, but don’t give up. Keep sending your fans great content, great value, and mix in your products and services and the emails and phone calls will come.
  2. Gluttony – Don’t send too often. Sending emails too often is one sure way to lose a subscriber. How often you send an email is inversely proportional to engagement rate for the email – The more often you send, the less people care. Even worse than unsubscribing from your email list, some people may even report you as spam. When someone marks your emails as spam, this flags your email address and could stop others from getting your valuable information.
  3. Greed – Don’t just sell, add value. Rule number one should always be, always add value. Without adding value, you’ll either come off sounding “salesy,” or worse yet, “greedy.” Yes, we all want to sell more, and earn more, but if you just add value to every conversation, and every interaction, then the sales will organically come on their own.
  4. Sloth – Don’t get lazy. People want what you’re sending them, or they wouldn’t sign up for your email list. They’re expecting a regular stream of great information, straight from you to them, so give them what they want. Produce regular, value-added emails and people will look forward to getting your periodic emails, and will notice when you’ve stopped sending them.
  5. Wrath – Don’t send angry emails. I know this kind of goes without saying, but if you’re upset about something, don’t rant and don’t be angry. Channel that energy by turning it into a positive. When things get you upset, then you know it’s something you care about, so frame it that way. Turn that negative into a positive.
  6. Envy – Don’t copy others content. People signed up for your email list because they want to hear from you and/or your company, not someone else. As tempting as it may be, don’t take the easy route, don’t plagiarize. Write your perspective, with your voice, and people will follow YOU and want more.
  7. Pride – Don’t talk about yourself too much. You have to remember that it’s not all about you, especially when you want to connect to others. It should be about them, what value you can add, what you can do to get them motivated, what you can do to get them past the obstacle they currently have. Once you focus on them, then you can connect with them and they will value you, your service, and/or your product that much more.

There you have it, these are our 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing. Do not commit these cardinal sins, and you will be well on your way to building a loyal following who can’t wait to read everything you have to sen them.

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