Web Design

Web design is how most of our clients come to our company.  It’s only after our consultation do they realize the real power of SDMI. We specialize in visually appealing web design and have the fastest turnaround!  Assuming all collateral is received, we average 7-10 day turnaround for our web design clients.  Here’s a list of some our recent designs for clients.

Graphic Design

We love design.  After all we’re a visual media company!  We’ve done graphic design work for many clients and have worked on everything from sales flyers, business cards, letterhead, app icons, buttons, mobile app pages, even design for web sites.  We pride ourselves on powerful design at affordable prices.  Please contact us and let us know how we can help with your design project.

  • Free consultation
  • 7-10 day turnaround
  • Expedited service available
  • Digital asset(s) delivered electronically


YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine (right after Google) with 1 Billion videos viewed every day and 455 Million users.

YouTube isn’t just a place to post videos, it’s a place where people are going to SEARCH for information.  If your information isn’t visible, you’re missing out.  Contact us for affordable, creative, quality video production.

  • Free consultation
  • 1 hour of shooting time
  • Professional editing
  • 1- 30 + 1- 60 second video